In the Hindu tradition of Tantra, the goddess Kali is invoked in moments where the world denies us or appears in chaos.  Her name translates to “time” or “death”.  Her naked form evokes transparency, nature and pure form; Opposed to being clothed, hidden or disguised.  The bowl of blood (from a demon she has slain) represents suffering from wanting what we cannot have.  Kali drinks it and, within herself, transforms it into a bearable experience.  Her skirt of human arms is harvested each time we reach to hold onto something in this world.  She is a representation of pure experience, regardless of our human whims and desires.  The world as it truly is.

We experience the world through our senses.  The impressions gathered by them can be layered, forming emergent senses.  Taste is, in a way, an emergent sense, as it builds progressively on the olfactory.  We can also use our knowledge of technology to enhance our receptivity to stimulus.

Our eyes can be altered to perceive ultraviolet light.

There is also the practice of manufacturing senses like perceiving magnetism and just generally upgrading the human body.

Origins: The conversation that started it all

Just read an article about how dinosaurs were neither warm nor cold blooded, the conclusion is “the debate continues”

oh. you mean “science”


after several studies we’ve concluded that we need more studies

we propose that we study studying so that we can better understand how studying is effected by studies

I volunteer

wait, but then the study would be subject to volunteer bias

we’ll have to study that

I’m just bummed cause I got super into some experiments about faster than light travel via space warp bubbles and the conclusion was: “Well, we don’t know that it won’t work. Yay?”

yeah. i feel the same about worm holes.

relativity makes me terribly uncomfortable.

why? because all the fundamental assumptions about our reality and how we perceive it get thrown out the window and it’s enough to cause vertigo?

yeah me too

There’s a link between physics and evolution

Like, we don’t perceive the world the way it actually is, we perceive it in a way that was evolutionarily beneficial

Particularly time

dude. I am obsessed with trying to perceive time as a spatial dimension

like a fourth spatial dimension

 I just got dizzy

I kinda picture a given object stretched out over time simultaneously in every state over the course of it’s existence


You just said the thing!

That’s the leading theory of time, that it’s all laid out and exists… Simultaneously

For lack of a better word


but then you realize that there’s no real delineation between two objects except some space in between, and so if you really looked at things from outside time, you would see the whole universe as one four-dimensional whole

But then, why do we perceive a flow?

because how would it be physically possible to perceive the whole thing?

a thing cant know all of itself without being more than itself

But then why perceive part of it? Which is a terrible question, because it’s like asking why is anything anything?

Yeah, things just are.